Save paper, money and time.

Online Service History

Say goodbye to maintaining drawers full of handwritten service reports or thousands of scanned PDF documents! The term ‘service history’ has been redefined as TaskTrakka’s cleverly designed tasks interface makes retrieving a past service report for a vehicle as easy as clicking a button.

Electronic Reports

The power of the TaskTrakka mobile app means a mechanic can create more detailed and more comprehensive reports in a fraction of the time it would take to hand write them. Coupled with the photographs prompted for by the mobile app, the history of a vehicle can be seen, analysed and understood.

Full Vehicle Register

With a combined vehicle register and client database TaskTrakka is able to track registered vehicles' service histories and also recommend the types of servicing required for the clients vehicle.

Simple, responsive web interface.

The vehicle inspection web interface beautifully adapts to both large and small screens, displaying clean well-organised data that makes managing tasks a breeze. The task history functionality provides detailed data about a specified vehicles service history and is absolutely crucial in providing insight into the safety and health of the vehicle.


TaskTrakka's flagship reporting module means custom reports can easily be designed and added to the system, complementing existing world class reporting options.


The user friendly service centre feature makes the application ideal for corporate use, with unlimited locations - fully integrated with Google Maps - able to be entered into the system, while TaskTrakka's custom built search bar means a wide variety of system information is available at the mere tap of a button.

Intuitive and touch-friendly mobile app.

TaskTrakka is a clean and smartly designed vehicle inspection app for Android, ideal for use in a modern service centre. Say goodbye to maintaining drawers of handwritten reports and hello to rich comprehensive electronic reports that are seamlessly synced to the cloud and easily accessible through the web interface.


TaskTrakka's vehicle inspection app boasts an impressive array of servicing options including:

  • Steering checks
  • Light checks
  • Suspension checks
  • Tyre tread checks
  • Internal and external evaluations