Comprehensive hose histories.

TaskTrakka is a world class mobile task tracking system developed internally by FMA since its conception. Designed for the hydraulic hose industry in mind, it has been deployed for use at the West Angelas, Hope Downs and Paraburdoo mine sites operated by Rio Tinto Iron Ore in Western Australia.


Hose fitters record all hose details such as fitting numbers, hose types, hose covers, hose length, hose orientation and photographic evidence of the hoses they assemble, fit or inspect on an Android mobile application.


All the collected hose data will be synced to the cloud, ready for immediate review through the web interface. The mobile app is cleverly designed to ensure that tasks can continue to be entered into TaskTrakka even while a handset is outside a 3G/GSM coverage zone. This app ensures the life cycle of a hose is fully documented.


The web interface provides a hub that tracks user activity, machine activity and tasks for clients. Through the use of data visualizations, the hub simplifies complex data sets. At-a-glance awareness of current and past performances is provided and daily and month end reports can be generated.

Powerful web interface.

The user-friendly and dynamic web interface has many standard features including a filterable hub screen to show a broad system overview, a users screen where the accounts of TaskTrakka users can be managed, a reporting module where PDF and Excel reports can be processed as well as a general configuration screen where application settings can be adjusted.

The hub screen gives you the power of unique data analysis in an adaptable environment that automatically and thoroughly examines user activity, machine activity, breakdowns and task activity - giving you intelligently evaluated, informative and easy-to-read infographics.

For comprehensive and detailed viewings of a task, the view task screen provides information about the hose, the user who completed the task, breakdown information, pictures and also the ability to view the child or parent task.

Intuitive mobile app.

The key benefit of TaskTrakka is that the mobile application will run on any Android 4.x or 5.x device, including rugged handsets and tablets. Cleverly designed sync functionality ensures that tasks can continue to be entered into TaskTrakka even while a handset is outside a 3G/GSM coverage zone. Users are prompted for photos throughout the life cycle of any given task, ensuring increased accountability and a recorded audit trail.

The task section of TaskTrakka helps technicians keep track of their tasks. Whether it's making assemblies, hose inspections or hose fittings, the app provides a way to easily document the process of completing those tasks by proving a list of the tasks assigned to the technicians and going through step by step collecting all the task information including photographs for visual evidence.

Documenting the process of making assemblies on the spot has been made easy through TaskTrakka's powerful predictive auto complete functionality. This allows technicians to work more efficiently and effectively, without having to worry about about typos and mis-spellings.




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