Document, track and schedule services.


Equipment records are permanently stored, each uniquely identified by the following core elements: client, site, location, equipment type and equipment code. Technicians can complete equipment services and document any defects with photographic evidence of the problem.


A complete service history including photographs and reports is saved in a cloud-based equipment database, ready to be accessed on any device with an internet connection. This system ensures that the full life cycle of any piece of equipment is fully documented.


The process of scheduling services for equipment is automated by allowing either 1 month, 6 month or 12 month schedules. It also comes with a schedule overview screen that provides a filterable, graphical analysis of equipment schedules and the expected time required to complete a service.

Modern web app built for tablets.

This mobile-friendly web app is a game changer for automated fixed fire servicing. It features a user interface geared for tablets that makes it very easy for technicians to complete services, scan and upload reports. Fixed Fire also has a document retention system that allows the uploaded reports to be downloaded or viewed at a later time.

The web interface includes a hub that shows activity levels. Through the use of data visualisations, the hub simplifies complex data sets to - at a glance - provide awareness of current and past performances over a variety of locations and time periods.

The most commonly accessed pages have specially designed navigation options in order to maximise the amount of screen space available to the users. All of the chart and graph options have touch options in order to drill down further into the data.

Recognising that users access data in a variety of ways, the Fixed Fire app has been customised to look beautiful on mobile and desktop displays as well as tablets.

Informative, mobile-first web application.