Detailed and interactive service histories.


The fire suppression app allows technicians to complete Level 1, Level 2, Level 4, Breakdown, Maintenance and Inspection services using a touch screen hand held device.


Realising the need to move away from handwritten service reports and embrace technological advances, FMA designed and developed a fire suppression app from the ground-up.

Cloud Sync

Considering the challenges mine site environments pose, the app is fully usable offline with tasks stored in an internal database until such time as an internet connection is available and the service reports can be synced to the cloud.

Modern web app built for mobile usage.

The mobile web app was designed with Chrome for Android in mind. Technicians can log into the app offline and complete services, complete with photographs that are saved in Chrome's internal memory - these tasks will be saved even if the user reboots their hand held device. When internet access is available, these tasks will be synced to permanent cloud storage.

Powerful HTML5 technologies make the fire suppression web app aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and highly adaptable. Future updates can be installed simply by refreshing the browser.


Native Android app built for reliable offline usage.

A lot of tasks take place in areas with no 3G/GSM coverage, so the all new native Android app has a cleverly designed sync functionality that allows tasks to be saved locally on device even when the device is rebooted and later be synced when a network connection is available.

The latest and greatest Android API's make the fire suppression app aesthetically pleasing, boasting faster response times while maintaining support for older android versions 4.1 and up.

TaskTrakka's exclusive offline and persistent login technology comes as standard, further reducing the reliance of a technician on mobile network data.

The similarity between the fire suppression web app and Android app allows technicians to easily get up-to speed, regardless of the device they are using.


Concise and informative web interface.

Our simple web interface makes managing fire suppression tasks a breeze. The customisable hub screen allows for filterable analysis by technician, mine site or time period. Service reports and their attached photos can be analysed, approved and then downloaded or emailed in PDF format. A sophisticated user account module allows for a new technician to be added to the system in seconds.