Customisable for every industry.

The TaskTrakka suite of products lends itself to all industries. Read on to discover the key characteristics and features of TaskTrakka; and the benefits that they provide.

Safety and Compliance

TaskTrakka generates JSA's (Job Safety Analysis) for use in the field. A series of questions are generated and the app will determine the next questions based on the answers given. Digital JSA's reduce paperwork and give more control over the work.

Asset Tagging

IT equipment, fixed equipment, tools and virtually any other item can be tagged using TaskTrakka. Tagging allows for real time access to asset location, maintenance schedules, request work orders and much more.

Leased Equipment

TaskTrakka offers control over equipment costs, condition, where it is located and for how long. The in-built equipment database means equipment can be added, removed and updated whenever necessary.

A tried-and-true development process.

We will work with your business to understand your precise requirements. Please click on any of the phases below to learn more about the TaskTrakka development process.

The requirements gathering stage involves the collection of conditions and needs from the project stakeholders. Analysing the requirements and ensuring they are clear, concise and without conflict is crucial to starting the project in the right fashion.

TaskTrakka's benefits are wide-ranging.



Increased productivity due to the faster and more accurate retrieval of information.


Due to TaskTrakka's custom-built automation measures, the accuracy of operations are increased due to the lowered risk of human error.


An electronic paper trail of activities attributes responsibility to employees through the life cycle of a task.


Ensure adherence to legislative and company requirements through the inclusion of questions designed specifically for your business.