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To pursue larger and more complex projects, businesses must break work down into smaller assignments that can be more effectively delegated and managed. TaskTrakka's software simplifies the process of allocating work, tracking work and most importantly; completing work.


Natively runs on Android, the world's most popular mobile operating system.


Software easily adaptable to suit the needs of business in any industry.


Powerful built-in reporting and analysis capabilities.

Applications in a multitude of industries.
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How does TaskTrakka work?

Simple and sleek. Powerful and intuitive.

Every TaskTrakka implementation contains a web interface, where tasks can be managed and analysed. Click an example below to see how our software can be adapted to any industry.

Modern and trusted technology.

TaskTrakka has been built on a foundation of modern technology, the likes of which are supported by trusted names including Google and Oracle, providing a perfect blend of reliability and innovation.


Start tracking tasks the right way!